Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve started with some last minute shopping and lunch and then I cooked all afternoon.
Our tree was so pretty this year! 
We attended the 7:00 service at church. 
 After an unconventional dinner of carnitas and homemade tortillas (we took a vote and this won!) everyone got in pjs and met back downstairs.

 The hunt for the pickle
 Christian and Carolyn didn't realize that Coleman found it almost immediately and had already sat down.
 Coleman loved his hoody from Aunt Amy
 All of Carolyn's tags were phonetically spelled with her nickname... and Coleman decided he is wrapping his gifts in aluminum foil from now on because it is so much easier. 
 Sweet Gumbo
 We played #hashtag (gift from Wes and Susan)
 and then went to bed!

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