Saturday, December 30, 2017

Georgia Swarm Home Opener

The 2017 Champions Georgia Swarm had their season home opener tonight with a ceremony to raise the championship banner and present the players with their championship rings.

Carolyn was a ring buddy so we arrived early for rehearsal.
Unfortunately, the opposing team had trouble getting out of Rochester because of the weather so everything was delayed.
So we got to hang out with professional lacrosse players and take photos and get autographs.
 2 Chainz warmed up with team!
 On the field pregame
 Stinger is always a crowd pleaser!
 Carolyn presented #31 John Ranagan with his ring.
My friend Mike let me wear his ring for a photo
 Raising the banner
 2 Chainz performed at halftime
and I channeled my inner rapper!
 The Swarm beat Rochester 14-11. It was a great game and we had so much fun!!

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