Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kristen!!!!

Today is the birthday of my DEAREST FRIEND. We lived across the street from each other in Pennsylvania for two years. TWO YEARS! And when I went looking for pictures of her for this post-I have NADA. I have never known someone who liked to have her picture made less than Kristen! Seriously, these are the only two I could find. Well, there was another one of us in our bathing suits tubing down the Delaware, but she is a dear FRIEND, not a dear enemy, so I would never post that one...

Happy Birthday, Kris!
39 Reasons Why I Love You...
1. You have great hair.
2. Your husband cracks me up.
3. Your love of PINK!
4. Your willingness to go along with any hair-brained scheme I come up with. (Hey, you want to drive an hour to go eat lunch at Popeye's?)
5. You gave me your salsa recipe. (I'm sure you don't mind, I pass it off as my own now!)
6. You always know what the names of all the flowers are.
7. Someday, you are going to show me around Seattle.
8. You give great advice.
9. You convinced me to join the gym.
10. You always made me do the elliptical. No wait. I don't think I love you for that.
11. How you roll your eyes at me when I call you a left-coast tree hugger.
12. Lucy and Ethel...which one am I again?
13. Road trip QUEENS!
14. How you could always get us where we wanted to go on Route 1...NOT!
15. Sledding with you at Kids' Castle.
16. Going to the bagel place. No wait, I need to save that one for Karla!
17. Our trip to Vermont to go Maple Sugaring...without you, it would have been the fun weekend that wasn't!
18. Your blue checked shirt that perfectly matched your eyes.
19. That you can type in your credit card number from memory.
20. That you were a great bus stop mom.
21. The calculator in your head that is faster than the calculator in my hand!
22. Seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time with you.
23. You taught me how to cook asparagus...except that mine is never as good as yours is.
24. You informed me of the evils of margarine and hooked me onto butter.
25. You share room mom ideas with me (hot chocolate bar- great idea, by the way!)
26. You flew all the way from Seattle to spend my birthday with me...wish I was returning the favor today!
27.Getting soaked on the Maid of the Mist with you!
28. Carving pumpkins on your deck.
29. How you always showed up early and stayed late to help.
30. Pizza at Pena's. (Or was it Vagena's?)
31. The shortbread cookies you make from your grandmother's recipe.
32. How you would always watch the kids for me when I needed it...even when yours were at school.
33. Funnel cakes and Frito chili pies, baby!
34. Your laugh.
35. That Velveeta grosses you out.
36. Your phenomenal knitting! (LOVE my purse, you know.)
37. How much you love to stay up to the wee hours of the morning and then sleep in.
38. Shoveling the driveways together when the men were gone.
39. You know all my "crazy" and you love me anyway.
Wish I was there. Have fun! Miss ya, baby!


Jinjer said...

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Kim Thomas said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Troye said...

I thought I was your DEAREST Friend. Hee hee. And, I thought all of those Room Mom ideas were yours. Now I don't feel so bad about stealing them.
Happy Birthday, Kristen! I'm right there with you on the Velveeta- who wants to eat "cheese" that doesn't need to be refrigerated?

Troye said...

one more thing...
What is that in the background of the photo with Kristen's family?

Andrea said...

Troye, you weren't supposed to read that part! In the background is the original torch of the Statue of Liberty. It had to be replaced and the original is now in the museum in the base underneath the statue.

Kristen said...

How sweet are you! You made me cry and laugh and miss you more than I already do! Thanks so much for thinking of me on my Birthday....I love you too!

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