Friday, May 30, 2008

This picture says "summer" to me!
It is from the summer of 2005. Carolyn is 2 and Coleman is 5. We were in Pennsylvania and the kids lived in the pool that summer! It was WAY too cold for me-our backyard was in the shade and I don't think the temperature in that pool EVER got above 78 degrees. Carolyn loved this orange bathing suit. It had sequins all over the front of it that sparkled when the sun caught them. Of course, she wore it until almost all of the sequins had worn off.


Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

did that kid always just have more hair than she (or mom) knows what to do with?

Great photo!

Jinjer said...

SO cute!!

Kim Thomas said...

too cute!!! What city in PA did tou live in? I have realitives all over the state.

Andrea said...

We were in Buckingham which is in Bucks County northeast of Philly. As you csn tell, it was GORGEOUS there!

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