Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Carter Presidential Library

For our Take Off Tuesday trip today (and it WAS actually Tuesday, for a change!) we went into Atlanta to the Carter Presidential Library.  Inside is an exact replica of Carter's Oval Office.
There is a portrait of George Washington hanging over the fireplace and Carolyn immediately spotted it and then was on a hunt for him the rest of our visit! (She found him six times.) 
I thought the Oval Office would be the high point of the visit, but really the kids thought this was the best part:
A video of I'm Just A Bill from School House Rock!  (It's Back to the Seventies week here on the ol' blog!)  Christian thought it was funny that I knew most of the words to the song!

Great picture, huh.  The whole reason I took it was for the "Carter Presidential Center" words...
and a tree is blocking it! (In my defense, I couldn't tell because the sun was REALLY bright.)

I went today with low expectations-I thought it would be a very short visit because Carolyn wouldn't care much about it.  However, she did really well.  She enjoyed seeing all of the elaborate Heads of State gifts on display and of course watched every video monitor she came upon.  Christian surprised me with his knowledge of some the milestones of Carter's presidency-the Iranian hostage standoff, the Egyptian/Israeli Peace Treaty...I didn't really think they had gotten that far in social studies, yet.  I'm not a huge Jimmy Carter fan, but the museum was nice. 

By the way, Coleman is still in Louisiana...I didn't leave him locked in the car!


Jinjer said...

What a fun trip!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

love the new profile pic!

Kim Thomas said...

I love Presidential Libraries! I want to go there when I come to Georgia. BTW: Glad Coleman wasn't left in the car ;)

Kim Thomas said...

Might I add! How cool are you to have Takeoff Tuesday stickers for the car!

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