Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am back from Louisiana! 
 Round trip 1619 4 bucks a gallon...I could've flown to Paris!  (But my sweet little niece isn't THERE!)  

10 hours in the car with 3 kids who haven't seen a proper bedtime in two weeks...
Jim called and asked me how it was going and I told him I wasn't promising that we would ALL make it back.  And he said, "Well, just remember which exit you dropped them off at and I'll pick 'em up next week!"

The guilty party
It's a good thing she fell asleep!

We hit Atlanta on the dot at 5:oo PM.  In the pouring down rain.  Need I say more?  

Spaghetti Junction
Actually, the trip was fine.  My kids are great travelers!  

We had a good visit but it is GOOD to be home!


Jinjer said...

LOL "just remember what exit you left them at"...too funny!!

Kim Thomas said...

Welcome Home!!!

Paula said...

That's a long tirp! We drove from Lexington, KY to Enterprise, AL to Orlando and back to Lex last summer. I would've left my 3 somewhere if it weren't for the DVD & Gameboy (they were then aged, 11, 3, & 1).

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