Friday, August 29, 2008

Tiger Rock


Paula said...

I don't know. My memory is kinda fuzzy--especially with all my screaming and jumping up and down, but didn't UK have an awesome victory over LSU in a triple overtime with LSU having a final possession with 4th and 2, 17 yards to goal and 0:00 on the clock? I think it was Oct. 13, 2007. I may have to check that, I could be wrong.
(PS--just teasing...I know it could be a years before we dream of achieving that again!)

Andrea said...

Yes, it was a sad day. My family was AT that game! Although I must admit, the Kentucky fans were for the most part pretty gracious.

I would, however, like to remind you of the Bluegrass Miracle. It was a miraculous 74-yard game-winning touchdown pass by the Tigers with no time left on the clock against the Wildcats on November 9, 2002 at Commonwealth Stadium in Lexington, Kentucky.

I love the SEC! :)

Paula said...

In 2002, I was not yet a season tix holder. Hence, not recalling that little tidbit! ;-)
I also think that in 2002, we really did not have a team worth bragging about yet.
We beat Louisville today in Louisville! Yahoo!

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