Monday, September 22, 2008

Our Weekend

Christian scored a BEAUTIFUL goal.  Carolyn had a game and Coleman had a bye.  The two games overlapped and we were only at the soccer field for two hours!

The third book in the Inheritance Trilogy came out and we went to a Medieval Festival at the book store.
Unfortunately, no camera!  The little ones got their faces painted, Christian ROCKED at Eragon trivia and we made origami dragons.  Guess which one is mine and which one is Jim's...
Christian has had his nose buried in his new book and finished it Sunday night.
I finished the curtains in my spare bedroom.
They used to be a shower curtain!
And of course, we watched the LSU game last night.
I've been reading aloud The Count of Monte Cristo to the kids and we finished it Friday. We rented the movie and watched it Sunday night.  Lots of sword-fighting, so the boys loved it! Our last book was Little Women and we rented the movie after we finished the book.  Coleman cried when Beth died.  So sweet! (And I was afraid he wouldn't be interested because it was about four girls!)
It was a great weekend.  The weather has finally cooled off a bit and Fall is around the corner.  I can't wait for cocoa and sweaters and fires in the fireplace!


Jinjer said...

Sounds like a fun filled and busy weekend!

Queen B said...

fun! I looove the Count of Monte Cristo!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Excellent weekend!

Paula said...

The curtains in the spare bedroom look awesome! One would almost think you have company coming!

Sounds like a great weekend!

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