Sunday, September 21, 2008

Watching the LSU game

Last night was a big game for LSU-but aren't they all when you are in the SEC?  For the first time in history there are 5 teams from one conference in the top 10 (LSU, Georgia, Florida, Alabama and Auburn).  And after last night, there are still 6 teams in the SEC that are still undefeated: LSU, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky and Vanderbilt.
It was a nail-biter.  LSU needs a quarterback! Carolyn couldn't take the pressure.  She and Gumbo succumbed to sleep.
But she was in her LSU pj's, so it was okay!
Jim was exhausted, too.  It's hard when you have to play offense and defense AND discuss EVERY SINGLE PLAY with your brothers who are scattered across the country!
But the Tigers pulled it out.  We are such a second-half team!  Next week is Homecoming... what to wear?  


Queen B said...

wow... I was so happy to see they pulled it out. What a nail-biter!

Jinjer said...

How cute is the pic of Carolyn and Gumbo!!

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