Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tongue (Not) In Cheek

There are pictures of Jim and his brothers sticking their tongues out when they were younger.
When I was going through these pictures from Coleman's game last week I noticed that in almost ALL of them
his tongue is sticking out!
And he has no idea that he is doing it!
I particularly like this one... doesn't it look like he is holding hands with that other kid?
(Not cool, Mom.)
Carolyn and Christian do it, too, although it seems to be more when they are concentrating on homework.
Chalk it up to another weird thing they get from their dad!


Queen B said...

that's so cute! I can't believe how many pictures there are of this happening!

Amy said...

Chuck sticks his tongue out ALL THE TIME! He is getting worse with age and now I have noticed that John has started doing it, too.

Paula said...

My brother and my son do it too! Maybe there is a genetic component...?
T minus 2

Kim Thomas said...

David sticks his tongue out and I have seen Sydney start to do it. So funny!

Jinjer said...

So funny!

I mom, therefore I blog.