Friday, October 31, 2008

The (Not) Halloween Parties

The Kindergarten Parade-more cuteness per square foot that anywhere else on earth!
We made mummy cupcakes
I want my mummy!
We sucked M&M's up with straws and put them in a cup 
(trust me, WAY more fun than it sounds!)
Especially since you get to eat the M&M's when you are done!
We mummy-bowled with pumpkins
and had a make-a-mummy relay race!
And even made mummy treat cans.
Both classes had a lot of fun and so did I!


KFuj said...

I was wondering what the green tape gum was for, it all makes sense now! These look so yummy :-)

I love the m&m game it sounds so fun. Do kids ever drool down the straws?

Paula said...

This may be more fun than legally allowed in some states!!!

Queen B said...


Kim Thomas said...

How come you ALWAYS have to have more fun?

I mom, therefore I blog.