Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Before trick-or-treating, we made mummy pizzas.
cute and tasty!
The Royal Gang-Merlin, Queen Guinevere and King Arthur. 
Gumbo was the court jester.
Belle was humiliated and visibly recoiled from having her picture taken wearing this nonsense.
Carolyn still can't quite get over that you go to people's houses and they GIVE YOU CANDY.
She was very "queenly!"
Sorting, trading and then collapsing into a sugar coma.
Coleman said, "Well, that's the end of that.  It was sure fun while it lasted!"


KFuj said...

Mummy pizzas so cute! When I have kids I will have to get all of your holiday fun food and game ideas!

Troye said...

We did pizzas too...
I decided next year we are just having chili. My kitchen was a disaster area after we left the pizza mess to trick-or-treat, came home and gorged on candy, and then feel into a sugar coma!!!
Loved y'alls costumes!!!!

Paula said...

Chili has been our family tradition since I was little....every Halloween I can remember. I wish all of my kids liked it...then I wouldn't feel so guilty about forcing them to adhere to my memories.

Kim Thomas said...

Coleman is so funny! I wish I had been there for the sorting. My favorite picture is the one of the table.

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