Monday, November 24, 2008

When in Rome

My parents live in the country.  They are 10 miles from town, which is thirty miles from civilization.  There is NOTHING to do.  Except:

Run around the pasture and climb on the gates
Explore in the woods
Climb trees

Make arrowheads
 Pretend you are Natty Bumppo.
Jump on the bales of hay in the barn
Or off!
Love all over Nellie and let her eat
 your hairbow,
Maybe even take her for a spin!
(Whoa, there!)
In the country you sometimes park your horse in the garage.
You can see my kids hate going there.  They don't beg to stay longer.  Ever.


Queen B said...

FUN! I want to go :)

Paula said...

Can I go?! I promise not to beg to stay longer.

Kim Thomas said...

I loved going to my grandparents ranch. Doesnt get any better! I love these pics and miss those kids!

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