Friday, December 19, 2008

The Christmas Card Edition

This is Flashback Friday on steroids.  Here are our Christmas card photos from every year that we've had kids.  (Before we had kids, we sent plain ol' boring Christmas cards.)

1996-New Orleans
Quite possibly my favorite Christmas card ever. Christian was only 2 months old in this picture.

"Not a creature was stirring, but one little mouse!"

"Have a Tigger-ific Christmas!"

1999-Kansas City
We moved to Kansas City this year.  And there was snow!  And it came in time to take our Christmas card picture!  (Add fantastic snowman-builder to the list of Jim's talents.)

2000-St. Louis
Welcome to Coleman

I made these purple and gold Santa hats for the boys just for the photo.

"Wise men still seek him."  

We welcomed sweet Carolyn this year.  Cute picture, but BORING.

I still remember trying to get this photo.  Talk about a lot of outtakes!  And trying to get my one-year-old to hold a wreath and smile at the same time?  I must have been on crack.  Whatever.  It's still cute!

"Reindeer Games"

"Raisin' Cane in Georgia"
(Get it?)

"Dreaming of a White Christmas"

"Silent Night, Holey Night"

Anyone have a cute idea for next year?  :)


Queen B said...

oh wow. These are SO cute! I can't even decide my favorite one :)

Amy said...

These cracked me up! I loved the one with the two boys at Coleman's first Christmas, their expressions are priceless!

Paula said...

Very cool, and sooooo creative!!!
no ideas here. You are definitely better at this than I!

Kim Thomas said...

I will tell you that I love all of them but more than that I am so happy that I am now a Christmas Card recipient. Love you guys!

Jim said...

We did send her one?

Wendy said...

Those are great! You're very creative!

Queen B said...

I got a picture in my envelope - love it :)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Someone has been scanning pictures!

Love 2008!

For 2009 you should bring the whole family in and e the 5 Golden Rings

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