Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sweet Reindeer

Here are the reindeer cookies that I made for last Friday when Polar Express Day is THIS Friday. California Kim asked for a picture:
Cute, no?  We make these every year at Christmas. And because I am a giver, I'm going to post the recipe.  Amateur bakers, beware.  This is really only for advanced cooks. 

Reindeer Cookies (printable version here)
1 package slice and bake sugar cookie dough (Although I usually make homemade cookies, these are really better from slice and bake dough.)
chocolate chips
Mini pretzels

Slice the roll into rounds.  Gently squeeze the sides in to make a filled 8 shape.
Press pretzels in for antlers.
Add 2 chocolate chips and 1 red M&M for eyes and nose.
Bake as directed on package.

Act modest when your kids think you are the best mom in the world.


Queen B said...

omg, I can so do this!!!! I might surprise Chris one day :)

Wendy said...

Those are so cute! I prefer the pre-made dough for sugar cookies; I can never get it the right consistency to roll it out and cut out shapes.

Andrea said...

These are the cutest things and so simple that I might even be able to pull them off!!

Thanks for sharing!!

Kim Thomas said...

These are darn cute.

P.S. Look at all the comments you receive on your posts these days. I'll take credit since I was the first stalker....or one of the firsts :)

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