Monday, December 15, 2008

The Great Christmas Card Caper

I am very late getting my cards out this year (as usual, I might add.)  We took our Christmas card picture Friday night (always good for a laugh... or not!) I uploaded it to Costco and the cards were ready Saturday morning.  Sunday afternoon I started addressing the envelopes and stuffing them.  I always do a Christmas letter (cheesy? I know) but I just didn't have it in me this year.  As I was stuffing the cards in the envelopes, I realized we were about 50 cards short!  I looked everywhere for them, and then realized that we were supposed to have two sets.  Although I picked up two packages, one of the sets were pictures that I had printed.

So Jim went back to Costco to pick up the other set of cards.  Of course, they couldn't find them so he had to wait while they printed 50 more Christmas cards for us.  He brought them home and I finished stuffing them.  Last night, as he was moving the pillows on the couch... 

He came across the 50 cards that were missing... stuck down in the cushions.  What a heist!

This morning before school, one of my children (name withheld to protect the guilty) was helping me seal the envelopes.  I didn't realize until he was halfway through the stack that some of the envelopes that hadn't been stuffed yet were in his pile.  No worries!  He was licking and sealing the empty envelopes!

So if your card comes in a ratty taped envelope, or worse yet is empty of a Christmas card, just know that it was probably stolen, anyway.


Queen B said...

hahahahaha. this is hilarious. really motivates me to do cards ;)

Paula said...

funny funny! I sent 43 of my cheesy letters & pics over a week ago, and still have the other half to do!!!!! You are ahead of me!

Kim Thomas said...

I love capers....Usually, I am behind them.

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