Sunday, December 14, 2008

Weekend in Review

Friday night we had a family game night.  We played CLUE, or as Carolyn insisted on calling it, "the murder game."  She was not too far off... it was pretty cutthroat!
Carolyn was the official dice-roller.  She should fit right in in Vegas.
Coleman kept forgetting which cards he had.
Carolyn also got to count the squares.  It was a very long game.
On Saturday, we FINALLY got our tree!  The pickings were slim, we were so late.  The tree we brought home is gorgeous, but it's about two feet shorter than what we usually get and we only got about 2/3 of our ornaments on it.
Apparently, it was exhausting work!
Today, the kids wanted to do their Christmas shopping for each other.  They grabbed their allowances and we went to the Dollar Store.  They were so sweet secretly picking out gifts!  And they were all three very generous with each other.

Tonight was the Luminaria Walk in our neighborhood.  We walked around the block with the Andersons, who are always so much fun!  Unfortunately, there were not as many families participating this year as in years past.  

And tonight we made our gingerbread house.  Architecture 101.  

We took this:

And turned it into this!
Please note the LSU windows compliments of Christian and Coleman.

And the Christmas tree courtesy of Carolyn.
And I think it is a good thing tomorrow is Monday because if we had any more family time, we might have a real-life version of that CLUE game!


Queen B said...

wow! this was a weekend of my favorite things :) I would've loved to have been hanging out with the Braun family. It does look rather exhausting, though!

Kim Thomas said...

OK. I am dying over here. The sweet little Southern Braun family....playing "The Murder Game" RO RO RO

BTW: The Gingerbread house looks great!

Jenn Ann said...

The gingerbread house is awesome!!!

Paula said...

what a weekend!!! Beautiful gingerbread house!

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