Friday, January 23, 2009

Two for One

I had a great idea for this week's flashback, but I was too lazy to go dig out the photo, walk ALL the way into the office to scan it and then upload it to my laptop.  So instead, here is a two-for-one: two babies, one dress:

Andrea, circa 1971
Carolyn, Nov. 2003
Same dress.  Maybe the same mouth?  Definitely the same nose! 
And unfortunately for her, the same double chin her mama has.


Paula said...

you gals are adorable!

Andrea said...

That is so great!! My mom has a series of photos that she has taken of my niece and nephew that are very much like ones we've found of both my sister and I.

Queen B said...

cute! and why do I somehow feel that the HCBC weekend influenced laziness...

Kim Thomas said...

Yeah, it must have been hanging around Sara

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