Monday, January 19, 2009

I'm BA-A-A-CK!

I took an unplanned bloggy vacation. (The vacation was planned-the lack of blogging was not!)
Here are the photos for my Project 365:
Jan 13-proof that brushing does actually happen every once in a while
Jan 14-cold day
Jan 15-Experiencing the real LA-downtown at rush hour
Jan 16-Disneyland with the HCBC
Jan 17-the Metro Station on our way home from Hollywood
Jan 18-Headed Home!


Jim said...

I like the big lacrosse sign.

Andrea said...

Yippee!! Andrea is back!!

Queen B said...

who woulda thunk that when all the bloggers gathered, there would be very little blogging done?

Paula said...

Yeah, us "non-vacationing bloggers" noticed the lack of blogging/commenting


Liz said...

How fun, I'd LOVE to see LA someday.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Wow, did you inspect the teeth to make sure they were really brushed and you werent duped?

I mom, therefore I blog.