Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Southern California-the Cliff's Notes Version

Drove to Birmingham, 
caught a plane, 
flew over a desert.  
Picked up INSIDE LAX by the Champ.  
Went through downtown LA at rush hour.
Saw the Hollywood sign from the 105. 
Ate great Mexican food with a new friend.
 Collapsed in a heap to sleep.  
Went to the Mouse House (without my kids; weird.)
Broke down in a jeep in the Temple of Doom.
Bobsledded down the Matterhorn. 
Toured the Queen 
with the Queen
Shared my name. 
and TRIED to keep up FFSU with the HCBC (didn't!) 
Rode the Metro with MacGyver  and got LOTS of change.
Went to Hollywood
Saw some freaks, 
got an Oscar, 
saw a theatre.
 Tried to fill some footprints,
walked on fame
Ate pizza. 
 Caught a plane, 
flew out over an ocean
flew over a canyon
flew over a crater. 
Caught another plane, 
drove a car.  
Collapsed in a heap to sleep.

Cackled Laughed non-stop.  
Good times.  Good friends. 
Want to go back.

Head over to Queen B's for the complete itinerary!


Queen B said...

and I only have 3 pictures, none of which made the blog. I definitely am going to need some shared with me :)

love the write up

Jenn Ann said...

I'm with the Queen on the lack of pictures. I think we learned on our last trip that all of the mom's bring real cameras and we just wait for them to post 'em so we can steal 'em and not deal with lugging a camera around.

And of course, this time we also got David to play official photographer. Score!!

Paula said...

Amazing trip, no doubt!!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

As the self proclaimed historian, I may have to hand this title to you! Awesome post.

BTW, I have over 340 pictures. I will upload to an online viewing spot (any preferences picasa?)

Andrea said...

Perfect Cliff Notes.

Much fun was had by all.

I'll try and get my pictures uploaded somewhere sometime.

And, yes, you can be the Parliamentarian...I was getting confused on the Metro...

KFuj said...

Very nice, I love the links. I wish I could have been home LMAO instead of FMAO (freezing)

Kristen said...

OK Andrea..the next time you jump on a plane heading west it needs to be taking a bit more nothernly direction!!! Sounds like you had fun and I get that I don't talk in acronyms like all your bloggin buddies, but come on...where is the love??? :)

Kim Thomas said...

I love your pics of the air! Great shots and the one that you took of downtown LA came out great!

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