Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Big Foot

My cousin, JamieLynn posted a link for a quiz to figure out your Carbon Footprint.  Take the quiz here.  YIKES!  It would take 5.54 earths to sustain the world if everyone lived like I live.  And I thought I was above average green!  What is your carbon footprint?  Leave it in the comments.

I went back and looked at my quiz.  My carbon footprint is 46.91 global acres and the US average is 91.43 ga.  So I feel a little better about our efforts, but still...WOW!


Queen B said...


oops...I'm like you, I think green! crap

Wendy said...

5.37 But how did they come up with the figures?

Paula said...

2.44 earths...but I'm guessing I did something wrong, because I KNOW there is no way ours should be that low. We're AWFUL!

Kim Thomas said...

I am the worst so far 9.68 earths.

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