Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biscuit Survey

On Tuesday, I met Jim for lunch and we went to Popeye's because it was Mardi Gras and that is a New Orleans tradition.  The Popeye's stores in New Orleans stay open 24 hours a day for the 4-5 days of the Mardi Gras Holiday.  So you would think, even though we are in Atlanta, that the Popeye's employee who took our order (and admired my Mardi Gras beads) would at least know that it was Fat Tuesday!  (But she didn't.) 
As we walked up to the line to order, a lady in a suit asked us if we would be willing to participate in a taste test.  Eat something yummy and give my opinion? Of course I will!  Popeye's is testing a new biscuit.  
This was a true-blue taste test!  We had to rinse our palates with water before we tasted the biscuit and fill out a two-page survey rating the fluffiness, flakiness, and buttery-ness of the new biscuit.
The verdict?  Good, but NOT as good as the current one.  Jim liked it more than I did, but I think he was just hungry.  The new biscuit is a lot smaller and much less buttery.  Healthier?  Maybe.  But really?  Who goes to a FRIED chicken place for health food?

**I just found the nutritional chart and looked up our lunch.  (You should never look up food that you know is bad for you, by the way!)  

1 large spicy breast, 1 cup of red beans and rice and 1 biscuit:
are you ready?  920 calories and 54 fat grams.  But I drank a Diet Coke, so that made it all good! (It's a good thing Popeye's is not close to my house and I don't eat there more often!)


Queen B said...

LOVE Popeyes! Please don't tell me calorie counts because I love the biscuits and red beans/rice. I usually go for the nekkid chicken strips. mmmmmmmmm

Andrea said...

They had better not do ANYTHING to their biscuits!! Smaller and less buttery? PLEASE!!

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

How is it that you have all the fun????

Kim Thomas said...

I have NEVER been to Popyes.

Queen B said...

*sigh* KIM!

Andrea said...

Kim, that is a travesty. We will rectify in March.

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