Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lenten Sacrifice

Several years ago, our pastor gave a sermon  in which he discussed the merits of giving up something for the 40 days of Lent.  Normally, whatever you give up is something you love or are attached to, such as alcohol, chocolate or (horrors!) Diet Coke.  This is to remind you through your "suffering" of the suffering of Christ. But, our pastor said, instead of giving up something temporarily, why not give up something that you don't need or want for good?  I think the example he used was worry.  This sermon really stuck with me.  

So for Lent this year, I am giving up complaining.  Although I don't think of myself as a "complainer" in general, lately my attitude has not been what it should be.  A complaint hidden in a joke or a laugh is still a complaint.  And I seem to be doing way too much of that lately.  SO. For the next 40 days (although I recently found out that Sundays don't count-who knew?) I am going to try not to complain.   I figure even if I am only 50% successful, that will still make for a happier home.  

And just so I am not "suffering" alone, Coleman is giving up begging (i.e. not taking no for an answer) and Carolyn is giving up crying when she doesn't get her way.  Christian is giving up back-talking.  How sweet is life going to be if we are all successful?  Oh, and Jim? He is giving up candy at work. Apparently this is a big sacrifice.  And apparently the jar of skittles on the kitchen cabinet doesn't count.  Since it is at home. And he doesn't work here.


Paula said...

I'm giving up on potty training Gman....does that count?

Queen B said...

LMAO at Paula's ;)

Ok... if your kids are successful, that should make yours pretty easy, right? :)

Kim Thomas said...

This is great! We should definitely visit before Easter, the trip will be so pleasant.

Ruthie Girl said...

If the kids do all that, you WON'T have anything to complain about!

Here is to an enlightening LENT season. Good luck.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

So Jim not giving up candy at home is kind of the same theory that Sundays dont count in the 40 days?

It must be a birth order thing because my kids in the same order would need to give up crying, begging and back talking. Me? Cookies

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