Friday, March 13, 2009

Four Generations

Four Generations
February 1999, Florida
This is Grandma Monti (whom Carolyn is named after) and Grandpa Monti with Jim and his mom, Ann Marie, and of course Christian.  We went for a visit to Florida when Christian was about 2 1/2.  Jim's grandparents cracked me up.  They were both Italian and wanted to feed Christian  Christian woke up from his nap and had ice cream.  Then he had a donut. And then some grapes. I'm fairly certain there was candy ingested.  Then we sat down to dinner to eat macaroni and gravy (that would be spaghetti with red sauce to the rest of us) and they could not understand why he wouldn't eat it!  

"Whazza madda?  He don like macaroni?  How come he don like macaroni?"
(Are you kidding me?  He just ATE HIS WEIGHT in sugar.)

They were just so cute with him.  I laughed all weekend.


Kim Thomas said...

What a great memory. LOL at the eating.

Paula said...

tooo funny....all grandparents are like that. My in laws are notorious for "stuffing them with junk and then wondering why they won't eat dinner." Eastern KY has a different accent though. ;-)

Queen B said...

mmmmmmmmmmm. nothing like the eating at the grandparents' house!

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