Thursday, March 12, 2009

Theme Song

THIS is my theme song and has been ever since my friend Tracy and I thought it would be FUN to roadtrip from St. Louis to Nashville with four kids under the age of four.  Although, now that my kids are older, it doesn't seem quite so appropriate anymore.  I'm thinking of changing it to THIS.
Just for the record, some of your guesses really scared me.  I am afraid of the image I am projecting.  (Seriously?  Walk Like An Egyptian?  What does THAT mean?!?!?!) And also, I think I need to get cooler friends.  How can Jane be my only friend who has a theme song?


Kim Thomas said...

Yes, you and Jane...cooler than the rest of us with your theme songs (Insert finger in mouth)

Kim Thomas said...

P.S. My name is in my theme song but we should remove the We and replace with I

Queen B said...

haha! yeah, I so need a theme song.

LOVE Rascall Flatts

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