Thursday, June 18, 2009

Garden of Eatin'

Our garden is blossoming!! (Pun intended.)  
Our tomato plants are loaded with blooms and even several tomatoes, some of which are just beginning to turn red.
And look!  Coleman has a little jalapeno! 
I know NOTHING about growing jalapenos, so I will have to google to see when to pick it.

And look at THIS bad boy!
It is loaded, I mean LOADED with squash blossoms.  
We are going to be eatin' pretty in a few weeks.


Paula said...

Congrats to Coleman! That jalapeno is soooo needs a name!

Kim Thomas said...


Queen B said...

This is awesome! one day we're going to have a garden...

Kim A said...

looks like you will be on vacation when the garden peaks...we will "take care of it" for you! yummy!

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