Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sorry, Charlie!

I made tuna fish for lunch today.  Yes, I know that tuna "fish" is redundant.  But growing up that's what my parents called it-to differentiate it from tuna steak.  Not that I knew there was such a thing growing up, but you get the picture.  What I made was tuna salad.  But that just sounds gross!  

Anyway, I make it with tuna, mayo, hard-boiled egg, relish and onion powder.  Jim thinks it is disgusting.  The kids and I love it (especially on Ritz crackers!)

So how do YOU make tuna fish salad?


Kim Thomas said...

"I made tuna fish for lunch today"

I read this and immediately I knew my comment was going to be about "Tuna Fish" but then I read on and you had beat me to the punch.

Jenn Ann said...

I am with Jim!

Jim said...

In the words of Billy Joel, "you can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish". Maybe that is why he is getting divorced from his 3rd wife who is only 33 years younger than him.

Carpoolqueen said...

I used to make "pretty" salad with all the extras, but after the chilluns came along, I had to ditch anything with texture.

The kids make it with mayo and a touch of mustard. But hey, at least they know how to make something.

They won't starve when they move into their first apartment.

Queen B said...

tuna, relish, miracle whip is the one I was raised on. Chris is definitely a mayo over miracle whipper, and I'm happy with that. The hard-boiled egg addition sounds fantastic!

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