Saturday, June 06, 2009

A Personal Best

Last Friday when we were in Memphis, we were at the hotel pool swimming with my sister's family and my cousins.  The kids were having so much fun and the night was so pleasant, we decided to be easy and order pizza to eat poolside.  David placed the call to the pizza place at 8:15 and we all sat back and visited and tried to avoid being splashed.

There was discussion at 9:15 that the pizzas really should have been there by now.  A call was placed, the driver was on his way, sorry for the delay, etc.

This was repeated well, repeatedly!  Finally at 11:15, my cousin and I left to go find a drive-in and get some food to feed our many hungry children.  When we left, David was on the phone with the pizza place talking to a teenager who was foolish enough to tell him the truth-their computer system was messed up and the orders were coming through very slowly (ya think?)
We came home with happy meals, everyone ate and went to bed.  At 12:40, the phone rang.  The front desk was calling to let us know that the pizzas we had ordered 4 1/2 HOURS ago had finally arrived and what did we want to do?  Jim said send him up and we threw the pizzas in the refrigerator and repeated Friday night on Saturday night!  Only this time we actually had pizza to eat!

The parts I left out of the story:
Susan and I found a McDonalds and ordered a happy meal for each child and a quarter pounder for each adult, a couple of large fries, no drinks.  The bill was $46.99 which we both considered a personal best!
(I tried to get my phone out to take a picture of the computer screen, but several cars drove up behind us, so I had to make do with a photo of our receipt.)

When we got to the first drive up window, we paid and pulled up to the second window.  We sat for a minute and then the SAME kid who took our money, started filling our order.  

While we were waiting, Walker (Susan's four-year-old) got a panicked look on his face and said he needed a bathroom.  I realized he was about to throw up and hit the button to open the sliding door.  Let's just say, he didn't lean far enough out of the car!

The SAME kid who took our order and filled our order brought our food to the window. I asked for lots of napkins; he gave us five.  We pulled up out of the drive through line, door still open and started to clean up Walker and the van; Susan and I hysterically laughing the whole time.

Was the kid the ONLY one working at McD's on a Friday night at 11:30 PM? 
Are five napkins really a lot for an order for 13 people? 
Did the cars behind us see the gak spew out of the door of my van?  If so, did they still eat their McDonald's?  
How much nerve does it take to be the delivery boy delivering a pizza that is 4 1/2 hours late?

Could we possibly have had ANY MORE FUN at a funeral?

(My grandmother would have loved it!)


Kim Thomas said...

Several comments:

(1) This is hilarious except for the throw up part.

(2) I think the kid working at McDonalds had an entire army behind him.

(3) Gross!

(4) It depends what I was ordering

(5) Tell me you did not pay for the pizza

Andrea said...

No, we did not pay for the pizza! The delivery driver practically genuflected in his haste to drop and run!

Queen B said...

I can't believe it took 4.5 hours. That is nuts!

$46 at McD's is definitely a best.

yuk at the spew

why did the guy not close the 1st window? seems like a lot of unnecessary moving around...

Jim said...

I think the kid at McDonald's must have been the same one who delivered the pizza from Never Hut at 12:45am.

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