Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pita Pockets

I tried a recipe from my new cookbook today!  I made pita bread.  
The recipe was simple but time-consuming; the plan was to have them for dinner, but they weren't done in time.  I looked over the recipe before I started to make sure I had all of the ingredients and to see approximately how long it would take. 
Unfortunately, I missed the part that says to bake them one at a time (times 12)!
Carolyn enjoyed watching the rounds puff up in the oven.  
Here I am breaking the rules and cooking two at a time... and see?  One of them didn't puff!
But they were fun to make and they taste very good.  
(Look!  It really has a pocket!)
We will definitely have them at lunch tomorrow!


Paula said...

you are such a cool mom. Will you adopt me?

Kim Thomas said...

I don't think I could cook one at a time.....this recipe is out for me.

Queen B said...

wow! who knew that cooking 1 at a time was so important?! I totally woulda thrown them all in ;) this is why I'm not allowed to operate the oven... or the stove... or use knives...

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