Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Birthday and the Sixth Floor Museum

Day 4 was Coleman's birthday!  We had lunch at Chuy's which was great, but they didn't sing him Happy Birthday. :( 

It has become a tradition to buy Coleman a shirt from wherever we eat on his birthday.  

Here is this year's purchase:

Our outing for the day was to the Sixth Floor Museum.  There was no photography allowed upstairs, but we did take a picture in the lobby.

The museum is a self-guided audio tour of the events leading up to and directly following the assassination of President Kennedy.  They even had kid versions for the little ones.  This is a must stop for any trip to Dallas.  The kids were very interested and asked lots of questions. 

On the grassy knoll

The location of the fatal shot

From this window (second row from the top, far right) is where Oswald shot the president.  It remains open and the area inside is left just as it was that day.

Outside the Texas School Book Depository

Then we headed home because Meme and Grandy were coming for the birthday celebration!


Queen B said...

omg, I can't believe they didn't sing to him! total disappointment :(

I have never been to the 6th floor museum... I know, I know... I need a funaholic in my life ;)

Paula said...

I too, can not believe they didn't sing!!!
I've driven thru Dallas, but not stopped....guess I need to do that!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Colemen. It sounds like you are having a great summer! I'll see you in a few weeks when school starts!
-Mrs. Power

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do know how to spell: COLEMAN!

I mom, therefore I blog.