Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Trains, Planes and Mustangs

Day 3 we decided that whatever we did must be INSIDE because have I mentioned that IT.IS.HOT?

It was raining when we woke up on Sunday and thankfully, the heat finally broke.

We started our day at the Trainscape at Children's Hospital where my brother-in-law works.  It is the largest permanent model train exhibit in the country.

The kids loved it.  There were lots of "treasures" to find in the exhibit, such as Wonder Woman, a T-Rex, and Puss-in-Boots.

There was even a Harley store (for Laura!)

After a quick stop for lunch, we headed out to DFW airport to visit Observation Station.  We knew the kids would get a kick out of watching the planes take off and land and hearing the control tower transmissions.  Unfortunately, when we got to where we thought it was, the road was barricaded.  Maybe this is no longer around because of post-911 security?  We were disappointed, but the kids still enjoyed seeing the planes taxiing on the runways across the road!

After our tour through the airport, we headed to Los Colinas to the Mustang Sculptures.

This is the largest equestrian sculpture in the world;

nine wild mustangs (including two babies) running through a "stream."

The kids tolerated having their picture made and then did their best to get wet playing in the water. (And were successful!)

But the HIGHLIGHT of the day was dinner at Queen B's house!!!  The king cooked dinner for us (words cannot describe the fajitas.  Seriously, the best meal I've had!) and we had a wonderful visit.  We are so glad they were insane delusional nice enough to have our group of nine over!!  Thankfully the kids did not break anything at the castle.  And two little girls were pretty excited that they were allowed to try on the Queen's REAL tiara!


Queen B said...

LOL, had a GREAT time with all y'all ;)

Looks like you did your best to get the kids worn out before dinner time!

Paula said...

Wow, what a day!! Trying on the tiara had to be the best!!

Kim Thomas said...

love the shirt!

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