Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Change of Plans

Instead of a PTA meeting and a Take Off Tuesday, today we are having  Stay-At-Home Tuesday and baking.  Coleman woke up this morning throwing up. (This NEVER happens.  Coleman is NEVER SICK, especially never throwing up.)Although I hate that he doesn't feel well, it's been kind of nice nursing him.  He is currently snuggled into a blanket on the couch, heating pad on his tummy, very small cup of coke next to him and watching the History Channel (it's Pirate Day, on the History Channel today!)

Since we are stuck at home, I made cinnamon rolls* this morning.  Instead of making them normal giant sized like the recipe calls for, I made them cini-minis.  I am freezing them individually, so we can just pop out a few at a time to eat.  Cutting them the normal way yields about 15-making them mini yielded about 50.
And then I made pizza dough for supper.  Only, something obviously went wrong.  Dough should not be pour-able!  I assume I must have measured something wrong.
This really bums me out, as we were going to try Paula's recipe for BBQ chicken pizza tonight.  I am attempting to salvage it.  I POURED the dough into the pizza pan and am baking it to see how it turns out.  Just keeping it real, here!

*I can't believe I have never posted this recipe!  They are delicious.  For a printable version, click here.


Carpoolqueen said...

I'm on a bread kick. I forgot to spray oil the saran wrap when it rose the second time and when I pulled it off, the entire thing deflated.


Queen B said...

you can nurse me back to health any time ;) have I mentioned that I like it when people cook for me...?

Paula said...

Poor guy!!!!
I wish I had a bread machine to try these!! I may ask my brother to dig his out of the closet for me! Hope the BBQ turned out. Maybe the dough didn't turn out due to the little GI-Joe-looking figurine in it..? What is that?

Andrea said...

I'm with the Queen... you can nurse me back to health any time.... Although, as i was scanning first, before reading I saw the pic of the mini cinnis and then the pizza dough and thought "hmm, how did those cinnamon rolls turn into THAT!"

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