Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kentucky Souvenir

In our Kentucky Goody Bag, Paula put a six pack of Kentucky's own Ale 8 1 soda.  We meant to drink them our first night in Kentucky but they weren't cold and were then forgotten.  What a nice surprise for the kids last night!  
Thanks again Paula for having us!  We had such a good time!

(Is it just me, or does this picture look like he's guzzling a Heineken?)


Paula said...

yes it does, so don't go implicating me in the delinquency of a minor!

So how many are with me on the "pond water" vote?

Loved having you all here!

Andrea said...

I'm not going to lie to you... it had an... interesting....taste!

Diane said...

He does look like he is drinking a beer:)

Queen B said...

it's Kentucky... surely there is not a minimum drinking age ;)

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

Man perfect time for a burping contest!!

Kim Thomas said...

Yep, Coleman is too young to drink.

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