Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Fort Worth Stockyards

Our last day in town, we drove to Fort Worth to visit the Stockyards.  We ate lunch at Riscky's

right on the Exchange Avenue and watched the daily cattle drive. 

 The kids thought it was pretty cool, but smelly! 

Even if they ONLY drove 16 longhorns (one for each decade of Fort Worth's existence.)  Which is, of course, 16 more longhorns than they had ever seen driven up a city street before this day!

This kid loves to eat!
After lunch, we rode some horses

and then the big kids all rode the mechanical bull.  One of the kids was a bit unsure about the whole thing and waffled a bit before deciding to be brave.  For your viewing pleasure:
Afterwards, the kids went through a cattle chute maze.  

The bigs watched from a raised platform and shouted out instructions. 

 Thank goodness for that, or they would still be in there!

Another addition to my Coleman in Jail series.
What's your wingspan?
We really enjoyed the Stockyards.  The weather was actually pleasant in the shade.  (Amazing how nice 95 degrees can feel after a few days of 104!) We stopped and got Icees on the way home (my summer addiction.) And there were lots of choices!  And you could mix!  
I'm a straight coke girl, myself, but different strokes for different folks...

Then we headed for Louisiana!


Paula said...

That cattle drive still had to be pretty cool to watch! 95 isn't too bad in a dry heat.

Kim Thomas said...

Carolyn's arms are practically hidden in the longhorn wingspan.

This day looked like a blast!

Queen B said...

ooh, I'm glad y'all did this! Not that I have ever been myself, but I was thinking about this with y'all in town.

I mom, therefore I blog.