Friday, September 18, 2009

Boosterthon-3rd Grade

Coleman's class showing some school spirit:
I didn't really get any pictures of him... he was moving too fast!
He managed to get his 35 laps in with no problem, as you can imagine.
(Coleman, far right)

Towards the end of his fun run, he was walking a lap. I yelled out to him that his sister didn't walk a single lap! He wheezed at me, "I'm.... having..... an..... asthma..... attack." (Yet another example of why I should win the Parent of the Year award.) Of course, he wasn't planning on stopping, even though he had the maximum number of laps already! (We got some medicine in him and he was fine.)


Queen B said...

RO! I mean, about your quote, not the asthma attack......

Jenn Ann said...

Shared thought QB!

I mom, therefore I blog.