Friday, September 18, 2009

Boosterthon-1st Grade

The only big fundraiser we do at our elementary school is the Boosterthon. Although it is a fundraiser, it also emphasizes fitness, education and character. The kids get pledges for how many laps they can run in a certain amount of time. The Boosterthon Boys start the event with a pep rally and visit every class every day for the week leading up to the fun run. These guys are HIGH ENERGY.
Unfortunately, since we are in the middle of a monsoon, we had to do our fun run in the gym.

Run Forrest!

Why don't I look this cute when I am sweaty, glistening, glowing?

The maximum number of laps is 35. She made it!

Cheering for the boys while they were running.

And a popsicle to top it off makes it just about perfect!
But this was the highlight of my day:
Still makes me giggle every time I watch it!


Queen B said...

that is THE CUTEST! made my day :)

what a li'l athlete

Queen B said...

no bows in exercise?

Jenn Ann said...

I also miss the bows, but the braids are super cute too! Carolyn has got some moves! :)

Amy said...

Hahaha!! LOVE it!! I must say the lack of rhythm in my children just might come from the Adams side of the family! LOL

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