Friday, September 18, 2009

Breakfast With Dad

Our PTA sponsors a Breakfast With Dad event several times a year. The first one was this month and featured a speaker from the Gwinnett Braves and their mascot, Chopper. RSVP forms were sent home in advance. When the number of attendees reached 400 people we decided that the event needed to be split into two dates. We ended up with 650 people last Friday and 350 this week! (Our student body is 1156-if you assume 1/3 of that number is parents, that is over HALF of our student body that attended this event!!! Great problem to have, huh?)
I served cinnamon rolls both days. Yes, I was sugar-coated by the end!
The kids and Jim all enjoyed themselves. I did, too, actually!


Jim said...

You are a natural born lunch room lady. Have you heard back from them on your application yet?

Queen B said...

that's a fantastic turnout :)

Jim - she can't waste her cooking skills at the school on a permanent basis. I know you want them safe at home!

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