Thursday, October 01, 2009

Memories of Vietnam

Christian's homework assignment tonight was to interview me about my memories of the Vietnam War. How old does this teacher think I am?

My memories:
-M*A*S*H (which was about the Korean War but was really a political commentary of the Vietnam War)
-the song "19" (which I thought was "18" when I tried to find it on itunes!)
and news footage of all those people trying to get on a helicopter as Saigon fell

Since I was only two when the war ended, I'm not sure this is "A grade" information!


Amy said...

I a little nervous about how difficult school is for mommies!!

Jim said...

Amy, wait until you have to remember how to graph inequalities.

Paula said...

Oy! How old is the teacher? One of my college students thought I was a baby-boomer. I was only on 35 then!!!

Queen B said...

RO! That's hilarious!!!!!!!!

Mom, tell me about your struggle for suffrage :)

Kim Thomas said...

Before reading but glancing I thought silly Andrea, Mash was the Korean war :)

KFuj said...

What if you were a younger mom...
Seriously if you were two, one the kids has to have a mom that wasn't born during the Vietnam War.

I have a mom that is a year older than me. Having conferences with her is like talking to one of my friends, yet her son is in 8th grade.

Jane: a female given name of English origin said...

My dad was in the Navy during vietnam, before I was born.

That is the extent of my memories

I mom, therefore I blog.