Friday, October 09, 2009

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Amy and me, Orange, Texas circa 1976
(why I link to her is a mystery-with her "new pictures" posted Feb. 2009!)
Was there anything more fun than a big wheel? To pedal as fast as possible and then hit the brake while turning the steering wheel and skidding across the driveway?
Although... the green machine was a much flashier ride.

The boys are competing in a duathlon Sunday. Of course, they will be on two wheels, not three!


Paula said...

Good luck to the guys!!!!

Kim Thomas said... this Flashback Thursday?

Queen B said...


I know people in Orange :)

Andrea said...

It's a LOVELy place! :D

Funny story.. we moved from there the summer before 2nd grade. My college roommate was from Beaumont and one time on the way to her house we drove around Orange until we found my old house! It was MUCH smaller than I remembered...

Andrea said...

I loved my bigwheel...except my legs were always too long for it to be comfortable and since we lived on a gravel road it had its challenges.

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