Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's So Pretty

We went to have sushi tonight with Kim and crew.

Sushi, Sashimi... what's the difference again?
Caterpillar Roll
Dynamite Rolls
California Rolls
Christian loved it!
Coleman gave it one thumb up one thumb neutral
Carolyn was too busy playing with Sydney to vote! (But she definitely liked the tempura!)
We had tempura, spicy tuna rolls, California rolls, and sashimi. We liked it all except the sashimi. (However, if you threw that salmon on the grill, it would have been great!)


KFuj said...

The tuna is the spicy tuna is the same as tuna sahimi. I love sashimi!!

Jane said...

That would make it conservative sushi :)

Jenn Ann said...

Your kids are WAY more brave than me. I don't eat seafood - cooked or raw!

Carpool Queen said...

Yay for them for trying. My boys have tried it and didn't care for it, but they didn't gag, either, so I'll take that as a win.

I'm obsessed with summer rolls, even in the dead of winter.

Queen B said...

those are beautiful!

I'm no sashimi fan either

I mom, therefore I blog.