Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year in Review

What a year!


dug some worms, fried some fish, hung with the hot chicks, visited the mouse's house, got an Oscar, celebrated 100, attended the symphony, reflected, rocked out, ate ice cream, jumped for joy, b-i-n-g-o'd, ate like royalty, lax-ed to the max, let the good times roll, took a survey, got snowed in, rah-rah-rah-d, got a new theme song, dished it out, got alarmed, wore the green, did Atlanta, lost a tooth, survived a storm, painted faces, saw some fish, hunted for eggs, sewed a skirt, loved our cousins, planted a garden, harvested our crops, ate a lot of pizza, watched America's pastime, yelled May Day, had a field day, won a trophy, made a quilt (or two or three or four or five), bowled a strike, visited a wren's nest, lost a loved one, waited for pizza, visited a king's birthplace, stumbled around in the dark, rocked the dock, jumped some rope, saw a big chicken, went with the wind, barked like a dog, crossed a bridge, lifted weights, did Dallas, dined with the queen and king, sweated out the fourth, saw some horses, learned some Spanish, shared a party, visited the stockyards and the stockade, took a trip to the ER, brought some fun to the brighter side, rode a ferry, shot some hoops, jockeyed for position, played Charlie at a chocolate factory, searched for slugs, test drove a new coke machine, had lunch with a doll, earned a yellow shirt, bought a cabin in the woods, ate donuts at the bus stop, played soccer 5 days a week, camped a lot, scaled a mountain, carved a stick, DIY'd, passed out, didn't wear a hair net, boosterthon'd, got rained out, got rained in, got rained on, fought childhood cancer, earned a paycheck, became a teenager, built a fire, celebrated apples, oinked like a pig, took a swing, screamed, carved some pumpkins, crossed swords, got a bear hug, hit the big 4-0, straddled a state line, birthed a blog, showered with a teacher, walked with the animals, walked like a dinosaur, prepared for college, gave thanks, rode a train, built a house (0r two), became one with a bird, celebrated the birth of the King, played lots of games, baked lots and lots and lots of cookies, made lots and lots of crafts, ate raw fish, rode on a bull, in a car, on a train, on a plane, and

had lots and LOTS OF FUN.


KFuj said...

It has been a great year following your blog!

Hopefully you can hang out with some hot chicks and lil dudes soon!

Queen B said...

definitely quite a year!

Happy 2010!

I mom, therefore I blog.