Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mid-Afternoon Snack

It was late when we got to the cabin Sunday night and our friends were leaving before supper on Monday so we had a hot dog roast for our afternoon snack. The boys would revolt if we didn't have hotdogs and s'mores at least once! After some issues getting the fire going
we cheated persevered!
Don't waste my time with a bun! Give me my DOG!
Two get in more trouble than one! :D
As always, we had a WONDERFUL time with these guys. Even if Blue Ridge BBQ isn't open on Mondays and we didn't get any chicken salad.


Anonymous said...

What's better than a hotdog cooked on an open fire? Wish I'd been there.

Queen B said...

I would revolt if I didn't get dogs and s'mores, too :)

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