Sunday, December 06, 2009

O Christmas Tree

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend.
I always make the kids matching Christmas pajamas. But this year? I BOUGHT them! (Oh and it felt so good!) Cute, yes?
And today we opened the mystery box from Paula. And I want all kinds of points because I am NOT the most patient of people and I followed instructions to the letter and didn't open it until we put up our tree!

Look! LOOK!
The most PERFECT ornament from our trip to Lexington!
I guess I didn't get a photo with all six kids... as I recall Al was a bit "shy" that day!

And I say it every year, but THIS year I think we have the most beautiful tree EVER!
Thanks again, Paula! We love the ornament and it is front and center on the tree!


KFuj said...

I love the matching pajamas!!

Jenn Ann said...

Such a fan of matching pjs!!! I've become obsessed with the concept this year and will surely be making this a tradition for the boys. Of course, I'll try to get Striker to match too ;)

Paula said...

You are most welcome!!! As I said, the INSTANT I saw it, I knew it was a MUST GET!

Paula said...

And I agree, that is a beautiful tree!

Queen B said...

LOVE the matching PJs. Do you and Jim have a set, too?

Your kids sure know how to pose :)

Andrea said...

Queen B, those are not poses!! They are real live action shots!

Kim Thomas said...

Love the tree!

I mom, therefore I blog.