Monday, December 07, 2009

Santa Train

The Friday after Thanksgiving, we didn't hit the mall... we took a ride on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad!

The girls talked to the conductor before boarding. Cool mustache!
We found seats in our car. Railroad ambassadors led everyone in singing Christmas carols.
About 15 minutes into our trip, the train slowed and look who we saw outside of the window!!!
Santa boarded the train and took time to talk and take pictures with all the boys and girls. (Isabella did NOT think this was a good idea.)
Our trip took us over the Toccoa River.
One of Santa's elves gave everyone a silver bell to ring (over and over and over...).
Our friend the conductor came through and punched everyone's tickets.
(Overheard- Grandy to Christian: "You think that conductor punched your ticket? I'M going to punch your ticket!")
We had so much fun riding the train with Santa! We saw Frosty and Rudolph and even saw Mrs. Claus when we returned to the station. This may become a yearly tradition!


Queen B said...

what a cool idea :) looks like a great time! that's no surprise, considering the extended Funaholic family :)

KFuj said...

Its a good thing you can hear the bells, that means you still believe!

Jane said...

Love the girls bows!!

Andrea said...

Bows run in the family! :D

Diane said...

Looks like so much fun! Jane took my other comment.

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