Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rose Parade Float Decorating

On New Year's Eve we went to see the Rose Parade floats being made. Our guide James did a FANTASTIC job!
We learned all about how the floats are made and the materials used.
Here are the flowers that will be put on the Cal Poly float.
The Honda float was HUGE! (And the captain is the Honda robot, of course!)
The floats were GORGEOUS. The TV does not do them justice. Every seed, flower petal, and rose is put on individually by hand.
"Men in White Suits" has an entirely different meaning in Pasadena!
Materials Chart for the FFA float
The Trader Joe's float was one of my favorites. I love the flying pig!
And just when we thought it couldn't get any better?
Lunch from In and Out! We are all now big fans!


Kim Thomas said...

I love new In-N-Out fans!!!!! I don't think I saw you once on New Years Eve.

Jim Braun said...

Coleman is never happier than when he has a plate full of food.

Queen B said...

mmmmmmm yummmmm

you guys got to hang out with James?! So jealous!

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