Sunday, January 03, 2010


On Saturday, we drove down to Legoland.

It was still Christmas at Legoland.
There were bionicles

(Christian's favorite.)

Hello, Officer Friendly!

The kids pumped the pumper truck and put out a fire,

Found all six lost keys

And soared through the air on lego airplanes.

They also rested on a park bench

and we loved the bathroom signs!

They designed lego race cars and tested them on a test track,

and drove lego boats

Carolyn and Coleman drove lego cars around a lego city. Guess who followed traffic signals and guess who didn't?

And of course, there were lego statues EVERYWHERE!


The Capitol, complete with Inauguration Parade

A herd of buffalo (and two little monkeys!)

A polar bear

The White House

The French Quarter and a Mardi Gras parade

The Golden Gate Bridge

The Iwo Jima monument

Even the parking structures were made of legos!

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Queen B said...


I bet it takes them longer to take down their Christmas decorations than it does for me!

I mom, therefore I blog.