Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Pacific Ocean

On our way to Legoland we traveled down I-5 which is also part of the El Camino Real.
Jim and the kids had never seen the Pacific Ocean, so we stopped at an overlook and took some pictures. (In hindsight, I wish we had stopped at one of the beaches and waded!)
There were tons of birds and squirrels.
And they were all looking for a handout! Hello, Carolyn! Have you ever heard of rabies?
Coleman thought it was fun to chase them.
The day was beautiful. We enjoyed the hour and a half drive almost as much as the destination!

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Queen B said...

probably not a bad idea NOT to have waded... I bet the water was sub-60 degrees! Or maybe that's just because I'm living in 20 degree weather right now...

I know someone else who likes to chase pigeons...

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