Thursday, January 07, 2010

Thank You Isn't Enough

We were all so excited to be invited to the Champ's for New Years. Kim had a fun-filled week planned for us. (Actually, she had two weeks' worth of fun crammed into one week!) Unfortunately, right before Christmas, she was put on "bed-rest" because she was having lots of contractions-way too early! (I put quotes around bed rest because I didn't ever actually see her in the BED!)

And on top of that, she caught a stomach bug on New Years' Eve. Her mom, Ms. Carol and her sister, Becca came over and took care of everything-food, saving the spot, even breakfast in the mornings! We had a fantastic time-everything was wonderful, with the exception of not getting nearly enough Kim-time!

But she still insisted that we were going to hit everything on our agenda. She sent us off everyday in her car, with the GPS programmed to get us to our destination (Thanks, David!) We were able to get all five of us into Disney for the price of two tickets (Thanks, Mr. Joel!), got tickets to the Rose Bowl (Thanks, Ms. Carol!), had free babysitting while we went to the game (Thanks, Becca!), and went to the float viewing for free (Thanks, James!) And as if all of that weren't enough, we even flew out to California on some of Kim's frequent flier tickets (Thanks, Kim!)

We had such a good time, Thomases and Evans and Kruegers! We are so blessed to have gotten to know all of you! (And Kim, I've never been stalked by a nicer person!) We can't wait until all of you come to see us again in Georgia!!!!!!


Kim Thomas said...

Yep, wish I had more Andrea time but glad we stole a trip to Starbucks!

Next stop, Blue Ridge Mountains.

Becca said...

It was great hanging out with you again and meeting your adorable kids! Hopefully we will all meet up sometime "soon"!

Queen B said...

Kim (and her fam) are THE BEST

can't wait for the hcbc cabin retreat :)

Jane said...

What a great entrance into the New Year!!!!!

Glad you had fun!!

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