Thursday, January 07, 2010

The Vacation That Kept on Giving

It was an early start at LAX.
The flight home was pretty uneventful. The boys played lego chess
and Carolyn talked non-stop for 5 1/2 hours of our six hours in the plane.
Luckily, she took a half hour nap and gave my ears a chance to stop bleeding.
When we arrived in Birmingham, we discovered that two of our bags hadn't. One of them showed up on the next flight. One of them didn't. Guess which bag Jim had accidently left the car keys in?

We ended up spending the night in Birmingham and hoping that the lost bag would show up overnight.
It didn't. We had to call a locksmith to come and cut us a new ignition key for the car. That was cheap. HA. So, almost 24 hours after we landed in Birmingham we finally got in the car. As we were pulling out of the hotel parking lot, the airline called to let us know our bag had arrived. Isn't that always the way?

But we made it home safely and that's all that matters! We came home to one VERY happy-to-see-us dog!


Queen B said...

RO @ Carolyn and your bleeding ears... bet you never did that to your mom ;)

Lego chess - I want it!

Can't believe that about the bag/keys/new key/found bag. ARGH

Paula said...

If you had known that calling a locksmith is all it would take to get your bag, would you have called him the day before?
Glad you all had such a great time though! I'm sure it was a trip of a life-time!

Kim Thomas said...

Glad the bag was found! Birmingham leaves alot to be desired. LOL

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