Monday, January 04, 2010

Think You Know Roses?

1. What percentage of U.S. roses are grown in California?

2. In what sport does the winner receive roses?

3. What’s the most popular rose-giving holiday?

4. Roses contain an abundant supply of what vitamin?

5. Who supposedly gave the rose its name?

6. What’s the only year the Rose Bowl® Game was not played in Pasadena?

7. What team has appeared in the most Rose Bowl® Games?

8. True or False? Ronald Reagan made the rose the Floral Emblem of the U.S. in 1987.

9. How old is the world’s oldest living rose?

10. Who does not have a rose cultivar named after them?

A. Betty Boop
B. Bill Clinton
C. Dolly Parton
D. Santa Claus

Click here for the answers.


Queen B said...

haven't cheated yet....

2. horse racing
3. Valentine's Day
6. don't know the year but know it was played at Duke's stadium! I want to say in the 1960s... my brother knows...
7. USC or Notre Dame
8. true
9. B

Queen B said...

I didn't do too bad!

I mom, therefore I blog.